“True Confirmation is a highly entertaining project, delivered with gusto by Detroit studio-session bassist/vocalist/guitarist/drummer Dave “The Painter” Henderson and the inspired playing of collaborator/keyboardist Gerald Mitchell of Detroit’s Los Hermanos. Here is the funky music of Detroit, brought alive through 16 songs. True Confirmation, which also features Dezie McCullers, Jr. on saxophone, Paul Dozier and Piranha Head on rhythm guitar, Henderson’s younger brother Lloyd Dwayne on vocals and Eric Joe on drums and percussion, is true to its title. Its soul-jazz-funk with heft and authenticity, produced with confidence.” –Brian Soergel

True Confirmation is a generous, ultra-explosive swirl of sensuality and crazy-cool funk (blending old school and newfangled vibes to seamlessly bridge time) and shows that these Motor City magicians are not only on their game, but opening up the future of urban funk/R&B/jazz. The powerful vibes that Dave Henderson, Gerald Mitchell and their artful band create show that old friends may separate for a time, but they only need a minute to get back in the groove. True Confirmation is a truly masterful blast of soulful joy from the city that continues to amaze and invent the best in groove.” – Jonathan Widran